Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Legs

I need help. I can't stop wrapping food in bacon. It's like an addiction. A delicious addiction! I guess I can't complain. 

 For this recipe I did not have toothpicks on hand and I was too lazy to run to the store to get some, but I suggest sticking toothpicks into the bacon and chicken to keep it together.

The sweet and salty combo of the bacon really enhances the flavor of roasted chicken legs. Simple to make and definitely a winner. Enjoy!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Legs


6 Chicken Legs
2 cups BBQ Sauce
6 Strips of Bacon
2 Tablespoons Old Bay
2 Tablespoons Seasoned Pepper
1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
2 Teaspoons Curry Powder


1.     Marinate the chicken in your favorite BBQ sauce for 3-5 hours.
2.     Preheat an oven to 375.
3.     Sprinkle the chicken with old bay, seasoned pepper, and garlic powder
4.     On a plate, combine the brown sugar and curry powder
5.     Coat the bacon strips with this mix, and wrap the bacon around the chicken legs.
6.     Line a large baking dish with foil.
7.     Place the chicken in the dish and bake for about an hour and a twenty minutes. Flip the chicken legs half way through cooking.
8.     For the last 5 minutes, put the oven on broil.

9.     Remove from the oven and serve!